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Monday, February 28, 2011

Gluten Free Snacks: Jaxn's Twice-Baked Sweet Potato Stix - Product Review #79

Gluten Free Snacks: Jaxn's Twice-Baked Sweet Potato Stix
 PRODUCT NAME:                   Sweet Potato Twice-Baked Potato Stix

BRAND:                                  Jaxn’s

COST:                                    $17.95/6pack

SIZE:                                       5oz/pack

COST PER OZ:                        $0.60/oz



ORGANIC:                               NO

:       N/A

VEGAN:                                   NO


:        Georgia

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging. We cannot verify the accuracy of this information. For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.
The story of how Jaxn’s Sweet Potato Twice-Baked Potato stix all started when Jaxn went on a date with a cheerleader who ordered sweet potato fries. From that point on he was hooked. The story might sound a little farfetched, but who knows it just might be true. Funny stories aside, there is a lot to like about sweet potatoes fries. The slightly sweet flavor combined with the salty seasoning, makes for the perfect snack. The Sweet Potato Twice-Baked Potato Stix made by Jaxn’s adds to it the healthy aspect of the popular snack. Their version, which is basically a sweet potato snack stick is all natural, gluten free and contains 75% less fat than regular potato chips.

Pop open the bag and you will find little round orange sticks that resemble sweet potato fries. Although the only similarity between this snack and sweet potato fries is looks, I will say that these things are great! The fact that they are twice baked ensures that these delicious snacks are light and extremely crispy. The flavor of these potato sticks was very interesting. You get the sweetness of the sweet potato, but Jaxn’s has also added their own blend of seasoning which includes brown sugar, sea salt, ground white pepper , cinnamon, red pepper and lime. This blend of flavors does a great job in bringing out the natural sweet flavor of the sweet potato.
Nutrition Facts
The package claims that these potato sticks contain 75% less fat than regular potato chips. With just 2.5 grams of total fat per serving, I think that’s a fair claim to make. Calories, cholesterol and sodium all seem to be pretty good as well. Each serving of about 18 pieces contains 70 calories, 5 milligrams of cholesterol and 150 milligrams of sodium. With values like this, it makes this snack the perfect healthier alternative for fried chips and French fries.

Overall, we loved Jaxn’s Sweet Potato Twice-Baked Potato Stix. Great flavor and texture in a healthy snack, what more can you ask for? In fact, I even left them open on my desk over the weekend and they were still fresh and crunchy. While their story on their back was poorly written, but funny none the less and their tag line of “A half-baked kid becomes a twice-baked guy!” seems a bit out of place, if you base everything on the product alone, these twice-baked potato stix will have you hooked too.

Taste: These potato stix are extremely light and crispy and the seasoning adds a great touch of saltiness that doesn’t over power the snack, but instead brings out the natural sweetness of the sweet potato.

Labeling: While the graphics on the package was nice, we found that tagline of “A half-baked kid becomes a twice-baked guy!” and the cheerleader story a little a little inappropriate.

Packaging: These Twice-Baked Potato Stix come in your typical potato chip bag. The only recommendation I for them is to maybe put more air into the bags. We found a lot of half broken pieces in our bag.

Reader’s Reviews
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Texture:         5
Taste:             5
Value:            3
OVERALL:      4.3

Reviewed 022811 by Calvin C.


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