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Friday, January 27, 2012

Gluten Free Grits: Albers Enriched Hominy Quick Grits

PRODUCT NAME:                   Quick Grits         


COST:                                    $4.99    

SIZE:                                      40oz      

COST PER OZ:                       $0.12/oz                           



ORGANIC:                              NO


VEGAN:                                 YES                                  


LOCATION OF FACILITY:       Portland, OR    

SHELF LIFE:                          2 years                                         

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging.  We cannot verify the accuracy of this information.  For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.

This week I reviewed Albers Quick Grits.  Other than always making me think of the movie “My Cousin Vinny,” grits are a wonderful and easy thing to add to any meal.  We often think of them associated with hearty breakfasts consisting of eggs, bacon and strong coffee on a Sunday brunch for example.  While that’s a tradition I don’t deny, grits are a great thing to have in the kitchen for a variety of dishes that use them as a base to build on.  By their nature, grits are very versatile and can take on many flavors, becoming either sweet or savory easily.  Somewhat of a Cinderella food, grits by themselves are bland and characterless, but with a little imagination and some creativity, they can be really amazing and unique to each person that prepares them. 

If you’re new to grits and wondering what direction to take them in, there are several recipes on the box as well as a few more on the Albers website that I’ve listed below.  They recommend fried grits or a grits and sausage bake for example.  You can follow the recipe or add in healthier or vegetarian options depending on your diet.

When I prepare grits, I follow the simple recipe on the back of the box for the most part.  I prefer creamier grits to thinner ones and I often add some of my soy free daily balance butter, a bit of salt and a dash of pepper to it while it’s cooking to get a more buttery texture and flavor.  I also cook them longer and on low heat then it recommends on the box.  This creates more traditional, slow-cooked grits that are creamier and softer than when cooked quickly.  The grits themselves are mild in flavor, with a hint of sweetness in the aftertaste.  They are very basic in texture and taste.  It’s really in what you add to them that makes them special.

There’s something very familiar and comforting about grits.  They have that good old stick-to-your-ribs sensibility while being nutritious and good for you.  A quarter cup is only 140 calories and Albers enriched their grits with several essential vitamins and nutrients.  This is a perfect dish to prepare now that the weather is getting colder and we all want to feel a little more cozy and secure against the elements.  Quick grits are also very affordable and they last awhile where a little goes a long way making this a good economically savvy choice as well.     

For more information, recipes and suggested preparations you can check out the Albers website at

Taste: mild, slightly roasted and slightly sweet

Labeling: bright recognizable box, does not say gluten free  

Packaging: cardboard box with pour spout

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Texture:     4                           
Taste:         4                             
Value:        4             
OVERALL:  4         

Reviewed by Krisztina L

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