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Monday, December 26, 2011

Gluten Free Mashed Potatoes: Edward and Sons Dairy Free Chreesy Mashed Potatoes

PRODUCT NAME:                   Dairy Free Chreesy Mashed Potatoes

COMPANY NAME:                  Edward and Sons

COST:                                    $2.99

SIZE:                                      3.5 oz

COST PER OZ:                       $0.85         



ORGANIC:                              YES


VEGAN:                                  YES


LOCATION OF FACILITY:       Carpinteria, CA

SHELF LIFE:                          1 year +

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging.  We cannot verify the accuracy of this information.  For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.               


Today Edward and Sons brings us an instant mashed potato product that is Gluten free, Organic, and vegan. Despite it’s dairy-free status, the box claims boldly that these potatoes are flavored with cheddar style “chreese”- a nutritional yeast based vegan cheese sauce.  It is quite the hefty claim to assert that a yeast sauce could be at all categorized as cheddar flavored but hey! Just because I am a health conscious gluten free vegan doesn’t mean I don’t love a cheesy carb just as much anyone else! I was willing to give it a shot.

The instructions for preparation of this product are incredibly simple, which is perhaps the entire point of instant mashed potatoes in general. If one doesn’t have the time to procure some potatoes, chop, boil, and mash they can always grab this box, a saucepan, a milk or milk-like product (I used Unsweetened Almond Milk) some “buttery spread” (I used Earth Balance brand but you can use real butter or even olive oil) and some water. First you heat the water and oil, then remove from heat to stir in the potato flakes, and add milk to achieve desired consistency. Instantly, you are presented with a creamy, warm, filing, salty side to any meal.

All this is positive and for what it is, Edward and Sons’ Chreesy Mashed Potatoes aren’t half bad.  For being a two second affair to make, they do all that they are supposed to do. While the “chreese” sauce doesn’t at all taste like cheese (I haven’t had cheese in nearly fourteen years and I know this) it is tasty. The nutritional yeast lends a creaminess and flavor depth that adds a dash of nuance to this very basic product. I, myself, like mashed potatoes to be interspersed with chunks of starchy goodness but of course, with an instant product you will always have uniform smoothness. If that is what you prefer, then you are in luck.

Calorically, this product adds 90 calories per medium sized serving to your meal. For a carb, this is not bad! You can eat about double the amount of potato for the same calorie count as a cup of rice.


Despite the positive attributes of this product, I can’t manage to get myself past the instant mashed potato flake taste. I have always found that there is a slight tinny flavor to instant flakes, and although Edward and Sons has taken the time to add a flavored sauce, I can still detect the strange after taste. Aside from potato flakes and the sauce, the ingredient “mono and di-glycerides” is present in this product. These are used to both emulsify the product and preserve it. My guess is that these are precisely what give that strange flavor.

I shared this product with my partner, a man who is a fellow vegan, but much more at ease with products based around quickness and convenience. He LOVED the flavor of these potatoes and once our dinner was finished he proceeded to eat the remaining two servings directly out of the pot while standing over the stove. I mention this as an important factor because, in general, I am not a huge fan of instant mashed potatoes but I thought they were acceptable. If you *do* happen to like instant mashed potatoes in general, evidence suggests that you make think they are amazing.


Labeling of this product was clear and concise. I deem it to be very sufficient.


Packaging for this product was a cardboard pourable box, which seemed appropriate for keeping the product fresh and having the grab-and-go component.

Reader’s Reviews:

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Texture:         3
Taste:             3
Value:            3
OVERALL:      3

Reviewed by Lacy D.

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Bill N Oregon said...

I thought they were ok too, first instant mashed potatoes I've eaten in probably 30 years. I make really tasty vegan mashed spuds and not a single person can tell I use Earth Balance and Rice Dream. But these will do in a pinch, making a big batch of mashed potatoes is not something I want to do on a regular basis.

Tip to reheat leftover mashed potatoes: put them in a stainless mixing bowl of the appropriate size, cover with foil and stick them in the over at around 300 until hot and that will depend on how much you have in the bowl. I stick my digital thermometer through the foil to check the temp.

Thanks for the review.

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