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Monday, November 14, 2011

Gluten Free Hummus: Wildwood Roasted Red Pepper Probiotic Hummus

PRODUCT NAME:                  Roasted Red Pepper Probiotic Hummus

COMPANY NAME:                 Wildwood

COST:                                  $2.99

SIZE:                                    10 oz.

COST PER OZ:                      $.0.29    



ORGANIC:                             Yes


VEGAN:                                 Yes                    


LOCATION OF FACILITY:       Grinnell, IA      

SHELF LIFE:                          3 weeks unopened

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging.  We cannot verify the accuracy of this information.  For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.    



So, hummus. Everybody loves hummus, right? Maybe I am generalizing here, but it seems to me that this food is not just a staple in the diet of the vegan or the gluten free anymore. Hummus is in the most mainstream of grocery stores these days, and even my mom has tried it. Hummus, the once exotic Mediterranean treat, has now become America’s darling.

Because hummus has become so ubiquitous, it has become a bit challenging to make it notable. While I am quite happy that I am generally able to find this little diamond-in-the-rough even in the tiniest towns it does seem that many versions of this beany, creamy, garbanzo spread are a bit bland, or use canola/vegetable oil to blend with. (I am going to be honest here. Hummus is just *supposed* to use olive oil. It is simply tradition!) Wildwood’s Roasted Red Pepper Probiotic Hummus seems to be trying to jazz it up. While the roasted red pepper flavor doesn’t seem so outlandish- its pretty standard to add such kicks to the beans these days - the probiotics really surprise me. These little enzymes are added to the hummus, supposedly to aid in the promotion of healthy digestion of the product.

For those not in the know, probiotics are actually bacteria, but not the kind that makes you sick. These little buggers are healthy and help line your intestinal walls in order to aid in proper nutrient absorption and digestion. Probiotics are found in fermented products naturally. This is one of the reasons that yogurt, kefir, kombucha, and kimchi have a reputation for keeping us well.

I am a tad thrown off by the probiotic addition to Wildwood’s hummus, as it seems an effort to stand out on the shelves that I am not totally convinced by. That being said, (probiotics or not) the hummus is a cut above many of the others out there. It does use canola oil instead of olive, but the amount used adds to a perfect creaminess that is almost velvety. The red pepper zing adds just a touch of pep to the flavor and nicely compliments the more base-flavors of tahini and bean. I did notice that tomato puree was present in the hummus, ostensibly to make it redder in a way that is cheaper then using more red pepper. Like the inclusion of probiotics, I am a bit suspicious of this move, but it doesn’t seem to affect the flavor so I suppose its okay.

A few other nice things about Wildwood’s hummus: I found it literally in the middle of nowhere when I desperately needed a healthy and protein-y treat. It cost me 2.99, which is drastically lower then many of the hummuses out there that tend to hover much closer to five bucks then three. A two-tablespoon serving is sixty calories, which is in the moderate range. Adding the dip to salads, sandwiches, and rice cakes enhances the flavor of these things as well as making them sate hunger for a bit longer. While I am not totally sold on the motives of the folks at Wildwood, I would say my tub of hummus was still a pretty solid investment.


Labeling of this product was clear and concise. It was quite adequate in displaying information about the nutrition of the product.


This hummus came in a recyclable plastic tub, which seemed appropriate for the freshness of the product.

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Texture:       5
Taste:           3
Value:          4
Reviewed by Lacy D.

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