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Friday, September 2, 2011

Gluten Free Cookie: Ann's Nut & Fruit Cake Cranberry and Orange Cookie

Gluten Free Cookie: Ann's Nut & Fruit Cake, Inc Gladys Treat Cranberry and Orange Cookie
PRODUCT NAME:                        Cranberry and Orange Cookie

BRAND:                                       Ann’s Nut & Fruit Cake, Inc.

COST:                                          $1.12

SIZE:                                            2 oz

COST PER OZ:                             $0.56 per oz



ORGANIC:                                    NO


VEGAN:                                       YES


LOCATION OF FACILITY:             Florida

SHELF LIFE:                                 8 months

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging.  We cannot verify the accuracy of this information.  For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.

Ann’s Nut & Fruit Cake, Inc. makes quite a variety of delectable cookies.  This Gladys Treat Cranberry and Orange cookie is no exception.  On first bite, the cookie is rich and flavorful.  The large dried cranberries that densely populate the cookie hit your mouth with a sweet burst of flavor.  Unlike most orange cookies, where the orange gets lost somewhere in the mix, this cookie has a mellow citrus taste that lines up in harmony with the cranberry burst.  The orange stays on your tongue after each bite and is a pleasant accompaniment with all the other flavors and textures of the cookie.  They soak the cranberries in orange extract as well, just to make sure the cookie’s namesake is identifiable.  The cookie itself is a denser cookie, but not heavy as one might imagine.  It is on the softer side and easily breakable but does not crumble and disintegrate.  The flavors blend wonderfully with coffee or tea, making this a nice breakfast treat as well whenever you need something a little on the sweeter side to start off your day.

The cookie is pretty big, 2 oz. which is roughly the size of your palm.  The cookie weighs in at 110 calories, but honestly, I couldn’t finish the whole thing in one sitting.  The taste and texture is rich enough that it doesn’t take much to satisfy your sweet tooth.  The cookie also has no trans or saturated fats.  The label also says that this is an allergen free cookie, which means it is not only gluten free, but also dairy and soy free.  Ann’s Nut & Fruit Cake, Inc. have a lovely website that details their ingredients, process and tells the story on how they got started.  As with many of these bakeries, they set out to do a little good in the world, one cookie at a time.  They use no artificial anything and stay away from preservatives, sweeteners and colors too.  The plastic bag it comes wrapped in is biodegradable too, so all in all, this is a good cookie, baked with honest ethics and an attention to detail and environment.

Check out the website for other flavors, products and more info:

Taste:  Bursts of dried cranberries with a lingering of orange after each bite

Labeling: descriptive and clearly marked gluten free and allergen free

Packaging: see-through, resealable bag that is biodegradable

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Texture:                 4                             
Taste:                     4                             
Value:                    4             
OVERALL:              4
Reviewed by Krisztina L

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