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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gluten Free Sauces: 1849 BBQ Sauce

Gluten Free Sauces: 1849 BBQ SaucePRODUCT NAME:                       1849 All Natural BBQ Sauce

COMPANY NAME:                       Golden West Specialty Foods

COST:                                         $5.00

SIZE:                                           14 oz.

COST PER OZ:                            $0.36/oz                     



ORGANIC:                                   No


VEGAN:                                       Yes



SHELF LIFE:                                1 Year +

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging.  We cannot verify the accuracy of this information.  For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.              

First and foremost, this company titles their BBQ sauce “1849 BBQ Sauce” and there is a pretty funny reason for this fact. In 1849, the average man supposedly ate about six pounds of meat a day, and I assume the company is alluding that good meat needs good sauce. Although I am not carnivorous enough to comment, I know the same is true today for a young lady with a plate full of vegetables. Sauce changes everything.

I love Sauce. As a gluten free, low soy, sugar shirking vegan I often rely on sauces to make my tofu and veggies palatable.  It takes a special sauce to be free of all the ingredients that I avoid, and once I find one, I am an advocate for life. From fancy mustards to salsas, to this very BBQ sauce, I am a lover of thick liquids that lend flavor and I’m not afraid to say it.

1849 BBQ Sauce sticks to a short list of identifiable ingredients, which I fully appreciate. The list simply reads “tomato paste, cider vinegar, brown sugar, water, molasses, smoke flavor, garlic, onion, lemon juice, salt, chili pepper, and spices”. Every single ingredient is a food I can identify and feel okay about consuming. Despite the fact that this sauce does contain some sugar, none of the common high fructose corn syrups or sneaky gluten-y invaders sneak into it and so one can indulge without feeling like they are essentially pickling their insides. Sometimes it is worthwhile to make small exceptions.

Gluten Free Sauces: 1849 BBQ Sauce Nutrition Facts and Ingredients
Nutrition Facts and Ingredients
The most notable aspect of this sauce is its undeniable thickness. It took me a solid sixty seconds to get this deliciousness to drip out of the bottle and onto my kale and when it did, drops landed in big plops instead of thin streams. Although the thickness of this sauce would probably be desirable in a meatier context, I found it a bit tough to spread around without watering down slightly. Luckily, the deep and rich flavor made this a moot point, because once I tasted it I couldn’t remember having any textural complaints at all. If anything, the thickness added to the velvety quality that graced my palate and lent a richness that truly satisfied. The strongest flavor note in this sauce is the melding of molasses with liquid smoke but the true nuance comes from the dash of brown sugar and the lemon juice. It is sweet, tangy, and deep with complexity in each bite. I would love to add a dash of cayenne to spice it up a bit but other than that, the taste is pretty perfect.

There are about 40 calories per two tablespoon serving of this sauce, which certainly is not terrible. I must mention that because of the thickness of the sauce, one needs to use a fair amount to actually have it cover the food. It is worth noting that this could pack calories into a meal quickly.

Labeling of this product was clear and concise. I deem it to be very sufficient.

This product is packaged in a glass bottle. Although I find glass to be exponentially more satisfying then plastic, it would probably be easier to access this thick sauce in something squeezable.

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Texture:           4
Taste:               4         
Value:              4
OVERALL:        4

Reviewed by Lacy D. 

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