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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gluten Free Candy: Yummy Earth Organic Gummy BearsPRODUCT NAME:                        Organic Gummy Bears

BRAND:                                       Yummy Earth

COST:                                          $2.99 

SIZE:                                            5 OZ 

COST PER OZ:                            $0.60/oz 



ORGANIC:                                  YES

CERTIFICATION AGENCY:           Oregon Tilth

VEGAN:                                       NO



SHELF LIFE:                               1.5 YEARS 

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging.  We cannot verify the accuracy of this information.  For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.       

Gluten Free Candy: Yummy Earth Organic Gummy BearsI love gummy bears! They have always been a guilty pleasure for me despite the fact that they are full of corn syrup and a variety of crazy chemicals; ingredients which I would never think to consume unless of course they are molded together and formed into the shape of an adorable, innocent-looking bear. The folks at YummyEarth understand the duality of having a substantial sweet tooth in spite of being health conscious, and created a line of candies made with all organic ingredients and real fruit, not artificial flavors that resemble fruits. Formed by two fathers who wanted to provide natural candies to their families, YummyEarth’s gummy bears, lollipops, and candy drops are award winning, free of many allergens, and kosher. They use no artificial colors or flavors and instead the creators of YummyEarth candy use natural dyes, like black carrots or pumpkin to color their treats.

Yummy Earth’s gummy bears were chewy and delicious and came combined in a bag of three flavors, Pomegranate Pucker, Strawberry Smash, and Sour Apple Tart. They tasted the way I thought they would, which was sweet, but not sickeningly so, like conventional gummies. They were clean and fruity with distinct fruit flavors, not like conventional gummy bears that taste mostly the same. They were a little chewier than traditional gummy bears, but not as rubbery; it felt like eating natural fruit rather than an artificial tasting candy. In addition to being sweet treat, Yummy Earth’s gummy bears are also low in fat and calories, with only 96 calories per serving. I ended up eating these gummies while I has getting over a cold, and could feel good about indulging my sweet tooth,  for one serving of gummy bears provides 100% of my much-needed Vitamin C.

Taste: Fruity and sweet, but not too sweet, these tasty little gummy bears were full of distinct fruit flavor and had a more firm, not so rubbery texture.

Labeling:   The USDA Organic seal was clearly displayed, as well as statements about these gummy bears being gluten-free, fat-free, 100% Natural, and made with fruit juice. The back of the package had nutrition facts, a little bit of information about the company and an ingredients list. 

Packaging:   Five servings were in a plastic bag with a clear front for viewing the gummy bears inside.

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Reviewed by: Jennie L.

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