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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gluten Free Meals: Roland Mediterranean Quinoa

Gluten Free Meals: Roland Mediterranean QuinoaPRODUCT NAME:                    Mediterranean Quinoa

BRAND:                                   Roland

COST:                                      $3.49              

SIZE:                                        5.46 OZ

COST PER OZ:                         $0.64/oz



ORGANIC:                                NO


VEGAN:                                    YES



SHELF LIFE:                             1 YEAR+

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging.  We cannot verify the accuracy of this information.  For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.

Gluten Free Meals: Roland Mediterranean Quinoa Nutrition FactsQuinoa is considered an ancient grain that has been harvested for thousands of years originally by the Incas. Known as the Mother grain to the ancient South Americans who founded it, this cute little grain is rich in immune system supporting amino acids like lysine. It also provides important vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron. Each small round kernel is full of protein and is a great alternative to white rice because it is more nutritious than rice and has a similar cooking time. It can be cooked exactly like rice and can easily be used as an alternative in any dish, providing more and different textures and flavors to people who already have limited diets due to gluten sensitivities.

Roland’s Quinoa was savory and tasty, flavored with garlic, bell peppers, onion, spices, and lemon. Different than rice, quinoa is a nutty and chewy grain. This flavorful mix contains no preservatives and was all-natural. It also was extremely convenient to prepare; all I needed to do was add water, heat it up, and wait fifteen minutes for an appetizing, healthy side dish. Quinoa is usually very delicious unflavored, with nothing but a little bit of butter and salt; by adding spices and veggies to an already easy to prepare grain, Roland accentuated the taste of the quinoa, transforming it into a gourmet treat. The manufacturer recommends serving Mediterranean Quinoa as a side to chicken or lamb. Since I am a vegetarian, I enjoyed my quinoa alongside sautéed peppers, onions, and mushrooms, a small leafy raw salad, and a handful of fancy olives for a light dinner.

Quinoa naturally contains saponin, a bitter tasting substance which coats the quinoa grain, protecting it from being eaten by birds and insects. Because of this, quinoa usually has to be rinsed before cooking, which can be a huge nuisance since this ivory grain is so tiny. Roland’s quinoa was pre-washed, which made preparing dinner much faster.

Taste:  This quinoa was savory and tasty. It has a nice garlic flavor, but was not too strong. Leftovers were also very delicious for lunch the next day because the flavors had more time to develop.

Labeling: The front of the package stated that the quinoa was all natural in addition to being gluten free. The back had nutrition facts, cooking instructions, and an ingredients list.  It also had some information about the origin of this ancient food.

Packaging:  Three ¼ cup dry servings were inside a plastic pouch.

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Texture:         4         
Taste:             4         
Value:            3
OVERALL:      3.7

Reviewed by Jennie L

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