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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gluten Free Crackers: Ener G Wheat Free Crackers

Gluten Free Crackers: Ener G Wheat Free CrackersPRODUCT NAME:                       Wheat Free Crackers

COMPANY NAME:                       Ener G

COST:                                         $4.99

SIZE:                                           7 oz

COST PER OZ:                            $0.71



ORGANIC:                                   NO


VEGAN:                                      YES


LOCATION OF FACILITY:            Israel 

SHELF LIFE:                               6 months

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging.  We cannot verify the accuracy of this information.  For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.     

Gluten Free Crackers: Ener G Wheat Free Crackers Nutrition FactsBefore I say anything, I gotta fly this banner loud and proud: THESE CRACKERS TASTE LIKE CHILDHOOD! While they aren’t quite as thick as your average saltine, the taste is spot on. I am IMPRESSED- that’s right, enough to use cap locks.

On to the details:

Here we have a cracker brought to you by Ener G. This is a company well known to vegans because they make a product simply titled “egg replacer” that is a starch often used to replace eggs in vegan baked goods. While my experience with this product has been great, Ener G has a bit of a reputation for making sub par gluten free bread items. Because their rice bread in particular has a bizarre texture that makes it more akin to a sponge then a food item I had a lot of hesitation approaching these crackers. Let’s just say that eating them was a great lesson in keeping an open mind.

Like I said before, the taste of these is just exactly like the saltines that I knew and loved as a kid. They are crisp, light, buttery, and have just a hint of a salty edge. There is a no frills simplicity about them that I actually much appreciate. I could imagine them perfectly complimenting a spicy vegan chili or a chickpea rice noodle soup. Additionally, a smear of peanut butter and chopped banana could make an excellent pre or post workout snack. Essentially, the rich flavor provides a strong backdrop for any other flavors or spices introduced. This cracker would add depth to any meal. The texture of these crackers is an excellent addition to the flavor. The rich flavor is completely complimented by the lightness of the texture.

I hate what I am about to say, but I must be completely honest in every review. Despite the complete and total deliciousness of these crackers, I find the calorie content to be fairly ridiculous in nature. The serving size is three crackers and it clocks in at a whopping 160 calories. This breaks down to be about 53 calories per cracker. These crackers are by no means large and so it seems sad that such caloric density exists in each one. Remember that buttery taste I said that I loved? Yeah, there’s a reason it’s so delicious.

Labeling:  Labeling on this product was very sufficient. All nutrition information was clear and present.

Packaging:  The design of Ener G’s packaging has always kind of baffled me. The photographs presented always look slightly off color (as if they were taken in the 1980’s and shoved in a desk drawer for a few decades). Despite it making the product not appear actually appetizing, it is a funny little nuance that makes the brand easily identifiable. While the picture doesn’t make me want to eat, it does make me giggle a little, so I’m not complaining. The packaging of this product was a small cardboard box with two plastic wrapped bags of 8 crackers each. I found this to be sufficient for keeping the product fresh.

Reader’s Reviews:
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Texture:           5
Taste:               5         
Value:              3
OVERALL:        4

Reviewed by Lacy D.

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