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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gluten Free Macaroons: Wonderfully Raw Chocolate CocoRoons

Gluten Free Macaroons: Wonderfully Raw Chocolate CocoRoonsPRODUCT NAME:                      Chocolate Cocoroons

COMPANY NAME:                      Wonderfully Raw

COST:                                        $8.25

SIZE:                                           6 oz

COST PER OZ:                           $1.38/oz                     



ORGANIC:                                  NO


VEGAN:                                      YES                             


LOCATION OF FACILITY:            NA     

SHELF LIFE:                                4 months

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging.  We cannot verify the accuracy of this information.  For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.         


I am not exactly a sweet treat type of person. Sugar freaks me out (HELLO, blood sugar spike and crash), agave nectar has become controversial, honey is of questionable nature in the land of vegans, high fructose corn syrup seems basically akin to the devil, and splenda and aspartame are chemicals that I simply do not do. In steps our friend maple syrup.
For all my uptight food particularities, I cannot seem to find anything wrong with maple syrup. It provides a delightful depth and rich sweetness, it comes from our pal the tree, and it doesn’t seem to mess with my energy the way other sweeteners do. With my structure of rules, you can imagine my delight when Wonderfully Raw’s Chocolate Cocoroons arrived on my desk. A sweet treat without all the drama? Sign me up!
Gluten Free Macaroons: Wonderfully Raw Chocolate CocoRoons Nutrition Facts 
Like many staples of my diet, the ingredient list in this treat is extremely short (Dried coconut, almond flour, cacao, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla and salt) but the taste of the sum of its parts is so much more. In fact, it is completely divine. The blend of almond, cacao, vanilla, and coconut creates a beautifully nuanced flavor that hits the tongue in tiers of deliciousness. There is complexity in each bite and as you chew you delve further and further into the bursts of each taste experience. The blend of these flavors is a delightful journey of the senses-one that I absolutely want to go on again and again and again!

Building on the deliciousness of the taste, is the excitement of the texture. The amalgamation of coconut oil and dried coconut gives way to incredible windows of textural decadence. I could not pick a more perfect combo of creamy and rough to dip in chocolate. The hint of sea salt at the end caps the experience off with a hint of mystery. Basically, it leaves you satisfied due to the richness with one little bite.

I very much appreciate the nutrition information of this product. Ive noticed that many raw foods companies avoid taking the extra step to find the information out, and Wonderfully Raw takes on the task head on. In addition to having the information actually available, they have created a product that feels like dessert on an incredibly low calorie scale. Each truffle sized bite is 76 calories, and will curb craving for a good long while. Those who count calories or live their life with an emphasis on health will love these, but even your standard chocoholic dessert addict will enjoy.

Labeling: Labeling on this product was very sufficient. All nutrition information was clear and present.

Packaging: The packaging of this product was a solid Ziploc style plastic bag and it is my one complaint about the product. A compostable, or at least recyclable container seems more in line with the companies views.

Reader’s Reviews: Please share with us your review of this company’s other products + where you purchased the product + how long you have been using this product. Please no review from the family + friends of the company producing the product…

Texture:           5
Taste:               5         
Value:              3
OVERALL:        4.3

Reviewed  by Lacy D.


gluten free desserts said...

Thanks for supporting the gluten free family.

Anonymous said...

Actually its a 4 month shelf life.. and nearly indefinitely it would seem, in the fridge or freezer.. however, i'd be surprised like getting coal on christmas if they lasted longer than a week in anybody's home cupboard. They are dreamy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the correction Anonymous!

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