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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gluten Free Granola: Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters & Love

Gluten Free Granola: Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters & Love
Gluten Free Granola: Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness
PRODUCT NAME:                    Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters & Love

BRAND:                                   Love Grown Foods

COST:                                      $4.99 

SIZE:                                       12oz (Net Weight) 

COST PER OZ:                         $0.42oz            



ORGANIC:                                NO


VEGAN:                                    N/A



SHELF LIFE:                             6 Months        

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging.  We cannot verify the accuracy of this information.  For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.            
The Love Grown Foods Company is all about making delicious foods that will inspire or supplement a healthy lifestyle. Their belief is that the consumer should be able to pronounce every single ingredient in a product and that the food will taste amazing. Love Grown Foods strives to only use the purest products and wholesome ingredients that are delicious and affordable.  They also take great pride in their recipes and even claim they are made with love (hence the company name) and reflect the importance of a wholesome diet along with an active lifestyle.

With several flavors in the Oat Clusters & Love line, Cocoa Goodness is one of the flavors on the sweeter side. The front of the bag boasts five ingredients in this particular mix—gluten-free toasted oats, honey, agave, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate. However, when looking at the back of the bag there are a few added ingredients such as canola oil, sunflower seeds, and sea salt. Still all natural ingredients, so rest assured they are not sneaking anything strange inside the bag.

When consumed straight from the bag, this chocolaty oat cluster assortment is a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. The back of the bag suggests adding it to a trail mix or paring it with milk to make it a sweet morning treat. I have yet to try it with milk, but I assume since there are morsels of dark chocolate tossed around with the oat clusters, the milk itself would turn into an additional sweet cocoa beverage to finish off post-cereal consumption.

Taste:  I love oat clusters in general, and this particular flavor from Love Grown Foods did not disappoint. There is often a need to add chemicals or sweeteners to other chocolate flavored oat medleys I’ve tried, and this is where things can get a bit too sweet. The cocoa goodness oat clusters, however, have the perfect blend of cocoa powder and toasted oats. The 63% dark chocolate morsels add the right amount of sweetness and do not overpower the palate while crunching away at the oat clusters. Overall, I liked this product by itself, but I could see how it would be a perfect addition to trail mixes or plain yogurt. I never knew chocolaty snacks could be so delicious and healthy at the same time!  

Labeling:  brown and white color scheme with product logo on the front and nutritional information and company information printed on the back.

Packaging:  clear, plastic ziplock bag. Serving size is ¼ cup with eleven servings in each bag.   

Reader’s Reviews: Please share with us your review of this company’s other products + where you purchased the product + how long you have been using this product. Please no review from the family + friends of the company producing the product…

Texture:               4                             
Taste:                   5                             
Value:                  3             
OVERALL:            4             

Reviewed by Allison R.

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