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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gluten Free Granola: Love Grown Foods Simply Oats Oat Clusters & Love

Gluten Free Granola: Love Grown Foods Simply Oats Oat Clusters & Love
Gluten Free Granola: Love Grown Simply Oats Oat Clusters & Love
PRODUCT NAME:                    Simply Oats Oat Clusters & Love

BRAND:                                   Love Grown Foods

COST:                                      $4.99

SIZE:                                       12 oz

COST PER OZ:                         $0.42/oz



ORGANIC:                                NO


VEGAN:                                    NO


LOCATION OF FACILITY:         Colorado   

SHELF LIFE:                             6 Months   

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging.  We cannot verify the accuracy of this information.  For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.       


Love Grown Foods makes a lot of claims about their product. They say that each and every morsel has piles of love poured into it, and also that their wares are not simply foods, but a LIFESTYLE. Although these statements seemed a bit bold upon first glance, I decided to approach this product with an open mind. Hey, if the company is willing to assert that their product is going to bring my entire life new clarity I’m willing to give it a shot. Who couldn’t use a little more love in their day-to-day?

Right off the bat I noticed how pared down this gluten free granola choice was. Although the company has many flavors, this particular product was very simple. The short list of ingredients included gluten free oats, honey, agave, canola oil, and spices. All the add-ins that granola companies seem to capitalize on (fruit, nuts, excessive amounts of sugar or coconut flakes) were completely absent. Not only that, but the product was free of many of the other things that can make granola less-than-healthy. In addition to being gluten free, this product is also free of trans fats, artificial flavors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and genetically modified ingredients. It seems to me that each and every aspect of the granola’s impact on one’s health and well being was considered, and if that isn’t loving, I’m not sure what is.

Onto my dining experience. I am quite used to oats in the morning, but due to my tendency to enjoy something steaming upon my rise, I usually go for oatmeal. The morning of my taste test I woke up to a quite unpleasant surprise: due to the gas company needing to do some work on our lines, the gas was out! As I am an intense creature of routine I had a panic moment but then  I remembered: Love Grown Oats were stove-free. Time to indulge!

On the packaging Love Grown Foods suggested using the granola in a number of ways. A topping for yogurt and a crumple to top a pie were two highlights. Although I considered trying to run to the store to grab a container of soy yogurt, laziness eventually won out. I ate my oats in a bowl, straight up.

I admit, I am a calorie watcher. My standard oatmeal packs about 350 calories with my add-ins. I checked out the serving size of the granola and noticed that about ½ cup plus almond milk would be about equal to my norm. Although this didn’t seem like very much I measured it out. A tiny bowl sat before me and I sighed. This might be a kind of hungry morning.

Despite my hesitancy, the taste was pretty delicious. There were a lot of clusters, which I really appreciated and there weren’t a lot of flavors competing for my attention. The bowl before me presented a succinct and slightly sweet simple delight and I enjoyed the crunch and the experience of something sort of like a baked-good for breakfast. I admit I did add some fruit of my own, and I found the freshness of some berries to top was a perfect compliment. As I finished my bowl I was surprised to see that I was indeed fairly full. The fullness lasted until my mid-morning snack. Although this product is by no means low calorie (120 calories for ¼ cup), I found the small serving size to be sufficient.

Labeling: Labeling on this product was very clear, aside from the specific company and location of the gluten free agency by which it was certified.    

Packaging: With all the emphasis on love and lifestyle, I was a bit surprised to see this granola wrapped in plastic. Would something compostable or even just recyclable not work? I know the crispness of this product is vital but finding a more environmentally sound package might make sense.

Reader’s Reviews: Please share with us your review of this company’s other products + where you purchased the product + how long you have been using this product. Please no review from the family + friends of the company producing the product…

Texture:           4
Taste:               4   
Value:              3  
OVERALL:        3.7

Reviewed by Lacy D.

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