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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Edition Hot Off the Press #23: Gluten Free Reviewer Grocery

In our search for gluten free food, we often had trouble finding products.  Going to our local grocery stores would be like an Easter egg hunt.  We would have to wander up and down isles searching for gluten free products.  Often times, selection is sparse and they were hidden among glutinous items.  When you got the product home, sometimes you would take one taste and it would go right in the garbage because it tasted horrible.  Enter our vision: A grocery store where all of the products are gluten free and have been taste tested to ensure they are good.  That’s where we come in.    

Gluten Free Reviewer Grocery is officially open for business!  We are not your typical grocery store.  We have combined our review website with our bricks and mortar store making us a resource for education and diversity of nourishment in our gluten free world.  We are dedicated to providing our community with the best value in food quality and price point.  All of the products in our store have been taste tested by us to ensure that they are good. 

Our store is located at 600 Illinois St.  We are open Monday thru Saturday 11am-7pm.  If you’re in the neighborhood please stop in.  We have a lounge area and offer free internet to customers.  We hope to see you soon!

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