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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Off the Press #21: Auntie Shelley's Gluten Free Muffins

Great tasting gluten free muffins can sometimes be difficult to find.  Recently, we were connected with Auntie Shelley’s Gluten-Free Muffins, which is an Oakland, CA based a startup that specializes in just that; gluten free muffins.  What sets them apart from the rest is their unique selection of flavors.  These aren’t your typical muffins. 

Last week, I got the opportunity to interview Andrea of Auntie Shelley’s Gluten Free Muffins.  Like their muffins, their story is also unique.  It all started with a friend named Shelley, who was allergic to gluten, and grandma’s tamale recipe.  You might be thinking…Tamale recipe?!  That’s right!  Grandma’s recipe for tamales actually used rice flour instead of wheat flour.  It was one thing that was safe for Shelley to eat.  From there, the recipe was modified and turned into a muffin recipe and the rest is history.  

The one thing that sets Auntie Shelley’s Gluten Free Muffins apart from the rest is definitely their flavors.  Usually, when you think of a muffin, you are probably thinking of flavors like banana nut or poppy seed.  Auntie Shelley’s decided to go the non-traditional route.  They do muffins in tropical flavors like mango, peach, pineapple, orange, and coconut, among others.  This really sets them apart from the rest. 
The family has put a lot of care into these muffins.  They spent about 3 years developing the recipe and judging by the product, they have done their homework.   These muffins are handmade from scratch with only high quality ingredients.  Take for example the fruit they use.  All of it is locally grown and all natural.  You won’t find any of the fake stuff in these muffins; that means no preservatives.  Auntie Shelley’s is truly a family business.  They come together on Thursday and Friday nights and bake these delicious gluten free muffins fresh from scratch in a co-op kitchen in Hayward, CA.  The facility is not completely gluten-free however the kitchen that these muffins are baked in is gluten free.  These are muffins that you would feel safe feeding to your family.  

Auntie Shelley’s Gluten Free Muffins  is off to a great start.  They are currently only available on, however, good news, their website launches tomorrow.  As a promotion for their website launch, Auntie Shelley’s Gluten Free Muffins will be offering free samples of their delicious gluten free muffins.  If you’re interested in their muffins, visit their website tomorrow at:  They will be giving FREE samples of their muffins to the first 100 people to like their facebook page:  Auntie Shelley's Gluten Free Muffins Facebook Page

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