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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gluten Free Snacks: Mr. Krispers Baked Rice Krisps Product Review #114

Gluten Free Snacks: Mr. Krispers Baked Rice Krisps
Gluten Free Snacks: Mr. Krispers Baked Rice Krisps
PRODUCT NAME:                       Baked Rice Krisps

BRAND:                                      Mr. Krispers

COST:                                         $2.99

SIZE:                                           4.2oz    

COST PER OZ:                            $0.71/oz                         



ORGANIC:                                   NO


VEGAN:                                       NO


LOCATION OF FACILITY:             Loves Park, IL

SHELF LIFE:                                UNKNOWN

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging.  We cannot verify the accuracy of this information.  For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.   
All natural…check.  Made with brown rice…check.  Wheat and gluten free…check.  Certified gluten free…check.  These are all things going for Mr. Krispers Baked Rice Krisps.  On a recent trip to the grocery store, we ran across this snack in the gluten free section and had to try it out.  We picked up the Sour Cream & Onion flavor.  These are something like a mix between a cracker and a chip.

Mr. Krispers describes these chips as a fusion between cultures; the flavors of the West combined with the traditional baked rice snacks of the East.  Sour cream & onion is definitely a flavor of the West.  You find it on everything from chips to fresh baked pretzels.  We thought it went great on these Baked Rice Krisps although we thought it was just a little overpowering.  Brown rice has flavor on its own so any flavoring that is added should be to enhance the brown rice flavor, not overpower it.  Other than that, the texture of these Baked Rice Krisps is great.  It is light and airy and extremely crispy.  If you aren’t careful, you can easily kill the entire bag in 1 sitting. 

Gluten Free Snacks: Mr. Krispers Baked Rice Krisps Nutrition Facts and Ingredients
Nutrition Facts and Ingredients
Mr. Krispers has done a great job with these Baked Rice Krisps.  Rice has a lot of health benefits and is a way to add fiber to your diet.  While these chips aren’t entirely good for you, with how good it tastes, we like to think it is.  The serving size is about 34 chips which seems like a pretty good amount.  Each serving contains 120 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, no cholesterol, 370 milligrams of sodium, and 2 grams of protein. The one thing that jumps out at me is the 370 milligrams of sodium.  I think with a little tweaking of the flavoring, they can get that number down a little. 

Overall, we loved these Baked Rice Krisps.  The flavor is great and the texture is perfect.  Our only complaint is that at $0.71/oz they are priced a little on the high side.  If you’re going to base your purchase on flavor and texture alone, these will definitely be at the top of the list.  For more information about this product, visit the Mr. Krispers website at: 

Taste: These Baked Rice Krisps taste great.  They have the perfect light and crispy texture with a very nice sour cream and onion flavor.  The seasoning is a little overpowering, so you might want to keep a glass of water handy for when you eat this. 

Labeling:  The labeling on this snack is simple and easy to read.  They give you all the important information in easy to read lists. 

Packaging:  The packaging is your typical chip package. 

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Texture:                 5             
Taste:                     4             
Value:                    2
OVERALL:              3.7

Reviewed  4/26/11 by Calvin C. 

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