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Monday, January 10, 2011

Gluten Free Chips: Boulder Canyon Rice & Adzuki Bean Snack Chip - Product Review #47

Gluten Free Chips: Boulder Canyon Rice & Adzuki Bean Snack Chip
Gluten Free Chips: Boulder Canyon Rice & Adzuki Bean Snack Chip
PRODUCT NAME:                   Rice & Adzuki Bean Snack Chip

BRAND:                                  Boulder Canyon Natural Foods

COST:                                    $3.25

SIZE:                                       5oz

COST PER OZ:                        $0.65/oz



ORGANIC:                               NO


VEGAN:                                   NO



*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging. We cannot verify the accuracy of this information. For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.

Chips…who doesn’t like them? It is the one snack that often has its own isle in the grocery store. But why is it that we love them so much? Is it their nice savory flavor? Is it their crunch? Well these Boulder Canyon Natural Foods Rice & Adzuki Bean snack chips have it all. Not only do they have nice flavor and crunch, but they’re gluten free too.

Boulder Canyon Natural Foods in Boulder, CO have hit a home run with these chips. They are made with rice and adzuki beans. I’ve never heard of adzuki beans so I had to look it up and according to Wikipedia, they are red beans that are grown in East Asia and the Himalayas. They are the red beans that are used in many Asian desserts. I’ve had these desserts before. I just never realized that they can be used to make chips. It is a very unique idea and the flavor really compliments the chips.

We tasted the Chipotle Cheese flavor. Pop the inch and a half square chip into your mouth and you will be greeted by a nice smoky flavor from the chipotle. The chips are rather light. Think Sun Chips, but with an even lighter texture. There’s really nothing to not like about these chips. I took a glance at Boulder Canyon Natural Foods’ website and they have an entire line of gluten free chips. If these chips are any indication of the products they produce, I’m sure they are all equally great.

These chips are great for everyone, whether you are on a gluten free diet or not. It is crunchy and has great flavor. A big plus is that even though these chips are gluten free, they aren’t any more expensive than regular chips are.

Taste: Great flavor that is perfectly balanced a nice crunch. I’ve never had rice and adzuki bean chips before, but they might have just become my favorite.

Labeling: The labeling is very simple and is attractive. Combine that with a unique product and you have a very good snack alternative.

Packaging: Boulder Canyon Natural Foods has very nice packaging here. On the back, they explain that they purchase renewable energy credits to cover 100% of their Products. It’s nice to see a company that takes pride in their environment. On their website, I found that they are developing compostable packaging. I don’t think this packaging is compostable, but it’s nice to see that they are putting some effort into it.

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Texture: 5
Taste: 5
Value: 3

Reviewed 011011 by CC


Anonymous said...

"There’s really nothing to like about these chips."
I might be mistaken but I think that you may have meant to say that there is nothing "not" to like about these chips

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing that out. We love these chips so that was definitely a typo.

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