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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gluten Free Pasta: Tinkyada Brown Rice Fusilli - Product Review #13

Gluten Free Pasta: Tinkyada Brown Rice Fusilli
Gluten Free Pasta: Tinkyada Brown Rice Fusilli
PRODUCT NAME:                        Brown Rice Fusilli

BRAND:                                       Tinkyada

COST:                                          $4.50

SIZE:                                            16oz

COST PER OZ:                             $0.28/oz



ORGANIC:                                    NO


VEGAN:                                        Unknown


LOCATION OF FACILITY:             Canada 

*These statements are based on the information printed on the product packaging. We cannot verify the accuracy of this information. For verification of the statements above, please contact the manufacturer.          


We have been very impressed by this brand.  All of the pastas that we have tested from this brand have been great.  Great texture, good taste, good value are all things that come to mind when we here Tinkyada.  This fusilli that looks a lot like doodles drawn by a child, not only looks fun, but also has great texture and flavor. 

Although this pasta is not certified gluten free, they do clearly state on their packaging that they specialize, thus making all of their pastas in a gluten free facility.  There are a lot of good things going for this pasta.

Taste: This pasta is made with brown rice and you can taste it.  You can taste the hint of brown rice, but it’s not too strong.  The texture is one of the best we’ve seen so far.  We were pleasantly surprised by this because many of the rice based pastas we have had in the past turned out mushy and fell apart.   

Labeling: There is a lot of writing on this packaging, but it’s all there for a reason.  On the front, it is clearly marked Wheat Free and Gluten-Free.  Something that I haven’t seen on any other packaging is an energy saving cooking option.  It looks like these guys have done their homework with this one.  

Packaging: The packaging is the only part that is a little disappointing.  It is made of plastic and is not recyclable.  I would like to see recycled paper board boxes in the future. 

Reader’s Reviews: Please share with us your review of this company’s other products + where you purchased the product + how long you have been using this product. Please no review from the family + friends of the company producing the product...


Texture:                 5             
Taste:                     5
Value:                    5             
OVERALL:              5

Reviewed on 10/27/10 by CC         

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